Your mood

Because our mood varies considerably and influences the mood of people around us, Leger would like to capture the daily mood, understand what main reasons influence it and compare it to different groups or segments of the population.

This new index will identify certain mood models and monitor mood swings according to days, months, and seasons. Applying the same principle to mood as was applied to the LHI (Leger Happiness Index), respondents are called upon to self-assess their mood on a 10-point scale and answer a very short questionnaire that measures the impact of certain elements on daily life.

Six determining factors

There are certainly more, but we believe that these six factors all act, to varying degrees, on our mood.

1)      Sleep (Did you sleep well?)

2)      Diet (Did you have a good breakfast?)

3)      Weather (In Québec, it’s important)

4)      Commute (Is your commute smooth or slow?)

5)      Courtesy (Are the people around you nice?)

6)      News (Is it discouraging or not?)

Collecting data will allow us to specify the impact of each element and when it turns out to be most positive… or negative.

The purpose of this index is to provide information to better manage one’s mood by adopting better behaviours and a better ability to deal with the things we can’t change… Because if our mood improves, there is a good chance that our happiness will too.