Stay in School Longer, You Will Have More Friends!

Stay in School Longer, You Will Have More Friends!

As is well known, friendship is an important happiness factor. In fact, it ranks 14th on the 25 factors compiled and weighted by the LHI. Indeed, we notice a 13-point gap in the LHI between those who admit having no true friends in comparison with those who have four or more (63.52 vs. 76.13).

Several other findings, however, have emerged from LHI data concerning friendship. Our network of true friends correlates directly with the respondents’ level of education, which clearly demonstrates the importance of the time spent in school as a good opportunity to make friends. Moreover, friendship is more urban than rural, in part because there are a higher number of sizeable teaching establishments in cities.

Number of True Friends According to Level of Education (%) 




This same data also demonstrates that the number of true friends decreases progressively after the age of 35. This finding can be explained by the fact that over time, we lose friends, but we don’t necessarily replace them, hence the importance of maintaining the friendships we have and remaining open to making new friends. 

Let’s not forget. The more we have the occasion to confide in our friends, without censuring yourselves, the higher the LHI. Do they not say that talking about a problem partly resolves it? LHI data confirms this.