Sorrow is never far from love!

An inseparable pair, an inevitable consequence. 

The vast majority of those who have been in love have also experienced severe sorrow. In fact, 29% have known this sorrow multiple times and 49% have experienced it only once. In total, that is 78% of people residing in the province of Quebec that have experienced severe heartbreak, whether it be once or multiple times. When considering the fact that 15% have never known true love, that means that nearly the totality of those who have been in love have also lived through dark times. It is almost automatic, an inevitable path.
The traces left by these harsh heartbreaks can be witnessed in the average RHI result of these individuals who have experienced several (74.90), eight points lower than those who have never really experienced any.

Strangely enough, the number of individuals who have never known heartbreak decreases significantly with the level of education of those questioned.

Those who demonstrate distrust in regards to the feelings of love and individuals living as single parents are those to have known two or more heartbreaks in their lives.

Love and Dependence

Currently, in 2012, in Quebec, 28% of the population admit to feeling such a high intensity of love for another person that they are accompanied with feelings of vulnerability, that they are haunted by the terror of finding themselves alone, cut off from this love. And so, several heartbreaks loom on the horizon when we know that 34% have already lost love in their lives. The test of time remains tough for this feeling that is both valuable and capricious

This kind of romantic dependence decreases with the age of those questioned. Are true love, passionate love, and lustful love only interesting for the younger generations or is it that the maturity of older individuals shelters them from exposing themselves to such vulnerability? Probably a little bit of both.

Romantic dependence or vulnerability in love in regards to age