Social networking = Social discoveries

Social Networking = Social Discoveries

And these discoveries are not only of the “friendly” kind.

If the disappearance of certain dating networks can be explained by the fact that too many participants were tired of always meeting the same people, it can also be explained by the “dating” dimension presented by social networks, with Facebook leading the way.

In fact, one fourth of social network subscribers admit to having used it in order to improve their chances of discovering a romantic interest. This reality becomes even more relevant and climbs to 40% in the 18 to 24 age group and with individuals who are single.

Once we are aware of the fact that 3 out of 4 people are subscribed to Facebook, this network, by its sheer number of subscribers, becomes one of the most powerful meeting networks.

Who uses social networks in order to improve their chances of discovering a romantic interest
This data is not surprising once we learn that 74% of Facebookers are members of this network solely for personal purposes while amere 3% use it only for motives which are essentially professional.
In the case of the latter group, we can perceive that they are not particularly thrilled with their Facebook participation and that they even feel it is imposed. In fact, the RHI of these individuals is only 66.60, ten points lower than those who use Facebook essentially for personal reasons, therefore, by choice.