Small Businesses Underestimate their Charms

Small Businesses Underestimate their Charms

Recruitment and retention are the two major issues for Québec companies. These are problems that affect all companies, big and small.  


If salary is the main way of attracting workers, the reasons for them to stay are all related to the attention they receive.  

Although small businesses - those with fewer than 50 employees - are less appealing than larger firms, precisely because of salary, they nonetheless show positive results on all the other factors that should eliminate their inferiority complex. 


LHI-W According to Type of Company 



Six Factors and Eight Dimensions 

Workers in small enterprises not only recorded a higher LHI-W compared to other enterprises, but also provided a higher rating on five of the six happiness factors at work. Only the compensation factor received a lower rating. 

On the eight essential dimensions for workplace happiness, workers in smaller rather than larger companies provided a higher rating on all these elements. 

To conclude, while the net recommendation rate of workers in small businesses is 15%, it is negative for all other company categories. 

These are important arguments for small businesses to build a strong employer brand based, among other things, on happiness at work.