Mood Deconstructed

Mood Deconstructed

Mood is a little like happiness, it can take a lot of flack. Our sometimes questionable behaviours or inadequate attitudes are often pinned on our mood. Well then, let’s talk about mood. 


First, from a collective point of view, mood varies very little. On a 10-point scale, the average mood of Quebecers is 7.4. Approximately the same level as our happiness. And for those who believe there is a Monday mood and a Saturday mood, that’s simply not true. Weekend mood stands at 7.5, while weekday mood (including Monday) is at 7.4, even if we admit sleeping better, eating a better breakfast and finding the weekend weather more enjoyable.  

The greatest finding with respect to mood is that it gets better with age.   

The data collected fully supports this finding. The younger you are, the less you sleep or take the time to eat breakfast and the more you complain about the weather and find commuting tedious and difficult. Need we say more?   

Is mood in part dependent on age...  and wisdom? This is what the data suggests.   

Leger has been reporting the exclusive results of the Daily Mood Index, based on over 20,000 respondents, since December 7, 2018.