Love about Wealth!

A hypothetical question, but a revealing one in regards to the profound desire for love.

If there is one statement of Yvon Deschamps' that is part of the popular expressions in Quebec, it is the following: “It is better to be rich and healthy, than poor and sick”. Well, my friends, this saying is not applicable to love. Not at all. 

Actually, 84% of individuals questioned answered that if faced with the choice, they would prefer to live modestly, and to be living true love than to be living a wealthy life deprived of true love. And women, these passionate beings, are more likely to believe so than men.

In addition, happiness has definitely chosen its side; that of the first group. Almost 10 points separate the RHI average result of the two groups (79.00 vs 69.90). The battle in between love and money in the pursuit of happiness seems endless. Numerous statistics proclaim the first the winner, and sometimes the second. The positions of money (5th) and of love (6th) in the 24 happiness influence factors demonstrate this well.

And where is sexual chemistry in all of this?

In the definition of true love, sexual chemistry is an essential component for more than two third of Quebecers (67%) along with the one fourth (25%) who hesitate to grant it such importance and 7% who do not at all believe in this equation.

Sexual chemistry is even more important for men (72%), for individuals with higher incomes (73%) and for those whose life is first and foremost guided by love (71%).

However, it is amongst those who does not consider sexual chemistry to be an essential component in their definition of true love (7%) who possess the highest RHI result, that of 80.80. Although it is only 2.5 points higher than those who believe the contrary, it still indicates the relative importance of sex in the achievement or the equation of happiness.