Less is better!

Less is better!

At least that is the case when it comes to love.

If the average of sexual partners of Quebec citizens is of 11.1, it isn't the case for the number of great loves they have had. Only 12% confirm to have had three or more. The vast majority admitted to only known great love once or twice.

Number of true loves in one's lifetime

As is the case with the number of sexual partners, individuals who have a higher RHI result are those who have experienced love the fewest times. Also, those who have never known true love experience a deficit in their relative happiness of up to 7 points as opposed to those who have experience only one true love in their lives.

RHI according to the number of true loves one has experienced in their lifetime

And once again, almost as a constant variable, the question of money or financial incomes declared by the individuals answering the questionnaire directly influences the results. The lower the income, the more likely one is of never have known true love.

Thos who have never known true love in relation to their declared incomes