High-Performance Cities. Greater Happiness.

High-Performance Cities. Greater Happiness.

Québec cities have understood their role very well.

Unfortunately, in the municipal sector, we hear more about cases of mismanagement, corruption and disputes. The results of our most recent survey, however, confirm what we have noticed in numerous studies conducted for Québec cities. As a rule, cities are dynamic, well managed and listen to their citizens. 

This dynamism, sound management and ability to listen have a direct repercussion on the level of happiness of their populations. This data could not be more telling and confirms the significant influence that cities have on their citizens’ sense of well-being and happiness.  


 The more citizens agree with these statements, the more their LHI (Leger Happiness Index) is high.  


Cities represent our daily living environment. They have the heavy responsibility of creating healthy environments that allow citizens to flourish so that they can have meaningful experiences . . . and citizens appreciate the efforts and actions that their city implements to achieve this. 

The Metropolis and the Capital City, Victims of their Statuses? 

This is the hypothesis, since on three of the four elements surveyed, citizens provided a below-average rating. Out of touch, not as green, and not as well managed. It was only on dynamism and proposed activities or events that Montréal and Québec City stood out favourably.