Great love and little love!

Great love and little love!

Firstly, there is the ideal love, the one which we wish to find, the one we hope to have. The great love. Then, there is the other type of love. That one which we live, accept and content ourselves with: the little love.

Love is a feeling with variable intensity.

The wide majority of the residents of Quebec (82%) believe it possible to truly love someone without them being their alter ego or their soul mate”.  This is surely a more rational approach to the feeling of love and a way of appreciating what it brings to one's life. These individuals go as far as saying that it is preferable to experience this type of love than to wait for great love all of their lives.  However, the older we get, the more we categorize and consider that the only love that exists is great love.

Love, whether it is great or little, occupies an important place in our lives. 62% of individuals cannot imagine living their lives without feeling love for another person; women are slightly more inclined to believe this than men.

Also, a mere 16% of individuals questioned consider that we generally grant too much importance to the feeling of love, an opinion that increases with the level of education of the individuals.

Consider that we grant too much importance to the feeling of love according to their level of education