Facebook and its myths

Some are true, while some aren't.

Those whose opinion is that the majority of friends one possesses on Facebook are strangers or almost strangers believe a completely false myth. In fact, upon further investigation, we learn that it's quite the opposite.

60% of those with Facebook accounts consider that they know at least 90% of the friends registered on their account. In contrast, only 13% of Facebookers admit that more than 40% of their online network of friends consists of strangers or mere acquaintances.

The weakest RHI (71.40) is that of the individuals (7%) who confess that they do not personally know 50% or more of their registered friends on their Facebook account.

Proportion of Facebook friends we do not know, or hardly know
Also, women have a tendency to know their Facebook friends more than men do. The same observation can be made for the sizes of families and levels of education of the participants. Those who are an only child are those who know their Facebook friends the least. In addition, if the level of education of the participant is weak, the amount of Facebook friends they personally know is lower.