Different attitudes, different results?

Although it is evident that love is simply not an attitude, the latter does contribute to it.

In regards to true love, it seems that two categories of people exist. On one hand, we have those who affirm that their lives are first and foremost guided by love (42% of individuals questioned); and those who do not possess any mistrust in regards to the idea of love and its possible consequences (43% of individuals questioned). On the other hand, we have those who believe otherwise and who affirm that their lives are not first and foremost guided by love(50%) and those who do possess mistrust when faced with the idea of love (23%). 
The comparison of these results is interesting in many respects; the people in the first group are:

  • More likely to have already experienced or to be currently experiencing true love.
  • More likely to be currently experiencing it and least likely to have lost it. 
  • Less likely to believe that we grant too much importance to the feeling of love. 
  • More likely to prefer to live a modest life and experiencing true love than the contrary, that is to say living a wealthy life deprived of true love. 
  • More likely to believe that sexual chemistry is an essential component to the definition of true love. 
  • More likely to consider living their lives impossible without love.
  • More likely to have experienced heartbreak.
  • More likely to be vulnerable and be haunted by the fear of finding themselves alone, cut off from the love they currently experience.

These individuals are very passionate and are ready to risk a lot to be able to live their passion and to assume the possible consequences, all the while, not hoping for them to materialize.

The individuals from the second group see things differently. More rational, more Cartesian, these people are wary of love and tend to avoid it. The possible consequences take precedence.  Comfort and stability attracts them just as much as, if not more, than the feelings of love.

And where do we find happiness in all of this? Clearly within the first group. Intensity is constantly searched for, while the risk is pushed to the side. They possess a stronger confidence, despite their numerous failures. They maintain hope.