City Ranking per Factor

City Ranking per Factor

The LHI measures the level of happiness of respondents based on the answers to approximately forty of the questions that allow us to evaluate the 25 factors that determine happiness.   

In the 2019 ranking, the first two cities on the list of happiest cities ‒ Varennes and Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures ‒ have nine out of a possible ten of the most important factors that are above the national average. Conversely, the cities of Val D’or and Sainte-Marthe-du-Lac respectively record only 1 and 5 above-average factors. 

For a few factors, we have produced a mini-ranking consisting of the three cities that have the best performance, and conversely, the three cities that have the worst performance. 


Accomplishment (1st Happiness Factor) 

Accomplishment is calculated, among other things, according to whether you achieve your dream life. The three cities where this perception is strongest and weakest among the population are as follows: 

1. La Prairie - 65% 

2. Saint-Augustin de Desmaures - 62% 

3. St-Bruno- 60% 


48. Montréal - 46% 

49. Sainte-Julie - 43% 

50. Shawinigan - 42% 


Authenticity (12th Happiness Factor) 

Authenticity is acting according to your values, principles and beliefs. Here are the three cities where acting according to this principle is the most and the least prevalent. 

1. Varennes - 97% 

2. Mont Saint-Hilaire - 97% 

3. Saint-Bruno - 96% 


48. Longueuil - 87% 

49. Salaberry-de-Valleyfield - 84% 

50. Sorel-Tracy - 82% 


Integrity (13th Happiness Factor) 

Integrity means not feeling or experiencing certain forms of physical and/or verbal and/or psychological harassment. Needless to say that being subjected to harassment influences perception of our level of happiness. Here are the three cities where these forms of harassment are felt the most and the least. 

1. Alma - 11% 

2. Saguenay - 13% 

3. Lévis - 14% 


48. Longueuil - 19% 

49. Drummondville - 24% 

50. Chateauguay - 25% 


Friendship (14th Happiness Factor) 

The LHI is directly correlated with the number of true friends you can count on. Here are the three cities where the network of true friends is the most and the least developed (4 or more friends). 

1. Saint-Lambert - 37% 

2. Montréal - 28% 

3. Québec - 26% 


48. Brossard - 14% 

49. Saint-Jérôme - 14% 

50. Saguenay - 12% 


Living in the present or the past (15th happiness factor, capacity to adapt) 

This factor is rated according to whether you would like to live your life in the future, the present or the past.  Wanting to live your life in the past (50 years ago) negatively and significantly influences people’s LHI. Here are the cities where people want to live in the past the most and those who would want this the least. 

1. Saint-Jérôme - 28% 

2. Val-D’or - 24% 

3. Montréal - 21% 


48. Québec - 17% 

49. Rimouski - 16% 

50. Saint-Bruno - 16% 


For the 50 cities in the ranking, it is possible to obtain the results of each of the 25 factors that influence happiness.  Please contact us for more information :