Citizen Engagement  : Half-Hearted, but Fulfilling

Citizen Engagement : Half-Hearted, but Fulfilling

It’s not always easy to get citizens involved in the municipal dynamic. 

It’s no secret that a dynamic city can only come from the involvement of both the municipal administration and citizens. Without this tacit collaboration, the task proves to be more difficult. In 2018, citizens are still dragging their feet when it comes to getting involved. Yet, they should know that citizen engagement has an influence on the level of happiness of those who get involved.  

Our last survey indicates that fewer than one citizen out of three (30%) gets involved often (7%) or sometimes (23%) in activities or events that take place in their municipality, neighbourhood or borough. Nearly half (40%) never get involved. That’s a lot. Here we are referring to sports, recreational or social activities, cultural events, celebrations, tournaments, etc.). 

Unlike volunteering in the broadest sense, citizen involvement decreases slightly with age, no doubt because of the activities mentioned. A lower level of involvement of Francophones (28%) compared to Non-Francophones (36%) should also be noted.  

It should be pointed out that engagement, taken in its widest sense, which includes citizen involvement, represents the 23rd factor that influences happiness among the 25 listed and analyzed by the LHI.