Cities Get a Score of 7.3 on Citizen Experience

Cities Get a Score of 7.3 on Citizen Experience

A good score considering the question’s wording. 

The question was as follows: “If I wanted to rate my level of satisfaction with my general experience as a citizen, I would give my municipality a score of”: 

This question therefore measures experience as a citizen, which is different from general satisfaction or experience with administrative services, in the sense that it is more encompassing and inclusive.  

This satisfaction with citizen experience increases with a respondent’s age and strongly influences the self-assessment of people’s happiness. Montréal – with a score of 6.9 – posts results below those of other cities and/or regions. 


 A Strong Sense of Belonging 

We also wanted to evaluate sense of belonging to a city. More than half of respondents (52%) rated their sense of belonging as strong (37%) or very strong (15%), while only 11% evaluated it as weak or very weak. 

As in the case of satisfaction with citizen experience, the LHI increases with the sense of belonging that citizens feel to their city. 


Sense of belonging to a city increases with age and paradoxically, while Francophones are less likely than Non-Francophones to get involved in their city’s activities, they nonetheless feel a stronger sense of belonging towards their city (54% vs. 45%).  

Note the very strong sense of belonging of Québec City citizens, with 68% qualifying their sense of belonging as strong or very strong (the national average is 52%), despite perceiving their city as less attentive to citizens, not as green and not as well administered. It’s in cities located in Montérégie that sense of belonging is lowest with 42% of similar responses (strong and very strong).