Between reverie and reality...

Between reverie and reality lies the lives we lead.

And they don't always correspond to the one longed for as evidenced by the fact that 41% of Canadians claim that their current lives do not correspond at all (12%) or only somewhat (29%) to the lives they dreamed of. These figures contrast with the 18% who claim that it corresponds completely.

The lowest ratings of not achieving the life dreamed of are found in Quebec (33%) and among people living in families (35%). Does this mean that family life fosters happiness? You have to wonder, especially since people living alone fall into the category of those who feel the strongest that they are not living the life they dreamed of (60%).

Lastly, an indication of how difficult life can when faced with rearing one or more children can be seen in the response of single parents, who feel that they are not living the lives they dreamed of, stronger than any other group (61%).

The groups with the most dissonance between their current lives and those they dreamed of