Anglophones and francophones: living in two differents realities

Are Francophones a bit xenophobic? If so, could it be because they are endangered as a people and must fight to maintain their language, culture, institutions, and traditions? This premise is plausible because the same RHI survey indicates that 72% of Francophones believes that French is an endangered language in North America, while only 26% of Anglophones share the same opinion.

Do they also view immigrants as equally threatening or as potentially resulting in loss of their identity and power? Do they feel that their relative weight continues to slip? Could this mistrust be aggravated by one of the lowest birth rates in the Western world?

And the questions go on. One thing, however, is evident: Francophones are much more mistrustful of immigration and all that it implies than are Anglophones.

The fact that Francophones project a closed and insular attitude puts a hitch in their supposed openness. The table below speaks for itself.