8 Reasons Why Young People Are Less Happy

8 Reasons Why Young People Are Less Happy

What’s going on with young people? What does society offer them? Certainly not what they want: level of happiness increases with increasing age. 

LHI According to Age


Recent LHI data, based on over 30,000 respondents, is sending us a worrying message. Young people are among the population groups with the lowest LHI. Why? For eight very specific reasons that have everything to do with happiness factors.

The younger you are...

  1. The more you feel that the society in which we live makes achieving personal happiness more difficult (capacity to adapt factor) 

  2. The more you would prefer to live your life in the past (fifty years ago), if this were possible (present moment factor)  

  3. The more worried you are about the future (optimism factor) 

  4. The more you go against your values and convictions (authenticity factor)  

  5. The more afraid you are of aging (spirituality factor) 

  6. The less concerned you are with what’s going on in society (engagement factor) 

  7. The less free you feel (freedom factor) 

  8. The less you feel like you have the life you’ve always dreamed of (accomplishment factor)  


The Same Phenomenon Applies to Mood

We notice the same phenomenon happening with mood. More than 20,000 respondents answered Leger’s Daily Mood Index test, and the major finding is that your mood gets better with age.

The data collected fully support this finding. The younger we are, the more poorly we sleep, the less time we take to eat breakfast, the more we complain about the weather and the more we find travel time difficult and tedious.

In light of these results, it becomes necessary, collectively, to find answers and solutions to reverse these trends and boost the morale and happiness of younger people!


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