Québécois 101 : notre portrait en 25 traits

Québécois 101 : notre portrait en 25 traits

Through the RHI (Relative Happiness Index), a happiness assessment tool, Pierre Côté asked Quebecers hundreds of questions on a multitude of topics, from work to love, politics and hockey. From his observation post, the author has drawn our portrait in 25 lines; a current picture, which he presents clearly to us. Filled with statistics, Québécois 101 is the result of five years of work and 40 surveys of 70,000 Quebecers.

This meticulous dissection of our society, which reveals its strengths as well as its faults, will raise many eyebrows. Nevertheless, the sole purpose of the essay is to remain faithful to Quebecers' perceptions, while proposing ways to improve our well-being.



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